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Stock market remains an interesting avenue for all Kind of investors to create wealth. Several HNI investors, students & home wives have been lured by ever volatile stock market and indeed many have spent considerable time understanding stock market process. But generally they are unable to get the right training .Over time we saw that many houses (financial, broking, media) have begun providing recommendations. These are aired via different mediums like newspapers, TV Channels, Internet, Radio, Sms etc. This development has led to an overload of recommendations in the market and the loser is the end retail investor who does not understand which recommendation to follow. Many a times the investment calls given by two parties contradict each other. Many of the common investor's trade on these ideas without understanding their logics and end up loosing their substantial capital.

Observing this situation we at Dalal Street (DSIJ) Academy have taken upon us to educate the investors with enough information that will help him/her to decipher the recommendations being given and choose the one that suits his/her investment style based on need of funds, time period etc. In fact, the education will arm the investor with just enough information that will help him/her to identify and choose potential stocks like any analyst.
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